The International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics (WSS) is a biennial conference that brings together scholars and students from around the globe involved in the study of language in society with a particular focus on Spanish and/or contact situations between Spanish and other languages. All fields and methodologies are welcome, including synchronic and diachronic approaches to language, quantitative and qualitative research, language variation and change, contact linguistics, bilingualism and multilingualism, Spanish in the US and Spanish in the Southeastern US, pidgin and creole languages, language policy and planning, and language ideologies.

The 10th anniversary edition (originally planned in person for 2020) will be held virtually on April 7-9, 2022. In addition to our three keynote speakers, we will feature two afternoon workshops and a pop-up mentoring event during Thursday’s lunch break.

Organizing Committee
Contact: 2020wss10@gmail.com