Pop-Up Mentoring Event



Pop-Up Mentoring will be present at WSS10! Pop-Up Mentoring provides one-off mentoring sessions in which matched mentors and mentees interact without further commitment. Mentors and mentees are paired based on shared interests, backgrounds, and identities, depending on the mentees’ preferences.

Pop-Up Mentoring at WSS10 will be held during the lunch break on Thursday, April 7, 12:15-1:15 PM ET. As an attendee, we encourage you to sign up as a mentee or a mentor no later than Friday, March 25 following the instructions below.

As a mentee, you will get a chance to meet with someone outside your regular network, ask questions that you may not wish to ask your advisor, and to get an outside perspective. We will provide you with your mentor’s contact information ahead of time and ask that you send them some information about the intended topic of conversation, to facilitate a better discussion. Here is the sign-up form for mentees: https://forms.gle/r4Dpr465zNNuuMBg7

As a mentor, you are signing up for a no-commitment, one-time session with a mentee. The purpose is to help more junior colleagues with a potential problems and questions that arise in a professional context (e.g., work/life balance, international student/faculty, job applications/interviews, racial/ethnic minority status, etc.). Mentors of all genders and backgrounds are welcome. Here is the sign-up form for mentors: https://forms.gle/mcyQxsm8yh4NKeSg7

Only mentor-mentee pairs who have been matched in advance can participate, so please only sign up if you can commit to attend this session. The deadline for signing up as a mentee or a mentor is Friday, March 25. Mentors and mentees will be notified via email about their match by the following week. For more information, contact Dr. Paola Cepeda at Paola.Cepeda@wustl.edu.